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Editorial Design, Textile & Icon Design

Team Project /

De Luca A. - Di Cintio M. - 

Di Chiara L - Esposito S. - 

Vitale M.

The project focuses on Objective 4 of Agenda 2030 and, in particular, on the aspects of freedom, equity and quality in the completion of primary and secondary education that bring appropriate and concrete learning outcomes to every girl and boy. Ensuring equal access to all levels of education for protected groups, including people with disabilities and/or children in vulnerable situations. The focal context is the often forced early school leaving in India and the intention to give more visual and practical support to the tailoring courses of the many projects developed by Plan International. 


The idea is to use the professional processing of textiles as a tool to increase basic training in reference disciplines such as literature, graphics and chromatology. The claim of the whole work is: "value of the fabric, value of the work, value of self". A whole pictographic-grammatical code has been created, starting from the phonetic languages of Indian culture. The design concept highlights the metaphorical aspect of the fabric: an instrument of salvation and autonomy, as well as a practice of sharing and meditation on manual work. Just like the act of weaving, the tessellation, decomposition and remodelling of the signs of linguistic codes has generated new symbols. New narrative weavings that come to life on the fabrics that are elaborated, giving value to the story, to the fabric and to those who live in it.

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