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Visual Science

Team Project /

Perricone V. -  Vitale M.

Chromoskin is a biomedical textile device, an experimental project still in its embryonic stage. Drawing inspiration from the underwater world - from cephalopods and the mantle able to change color with movement - the idea of a textile device was born, which, thanks to the innovative technology of optoelectronic circuits translates muscle activity into visual input with the help of textile texture. 


The texture is extrapolated from the signs that invade the mantle of the cephalopod - the chromatophores; it has an abstract matrix and is declined respecting the physiological muscle anatomies. Consequently, a visual communication code of the entire system has been developed: from the device switched off (no muscle activity) to the maximum brightness (maximum muscle tension).


Chromoskin is a useful device not only for sports monitoring or artistic performances, but also for muscle recovery phases in rehabilitation. The latter is the maximum utility that a device like Chromoskin can aspire to: a visual boost in the rehabilitation process. 

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