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Editorial Design & Typography

"In Africa there is a concept known as Ubuntu, the profound sense of being human only through the humanity of others; if we conclude something in the world it will be through the work and accomplishment of others," - Nelson Mandela -. 


Ubuntu is an ethic or ideology of sub-Saharan Africa that focuses on people's loyalty and mutual relationships. It is a rule of life, based on compassion, respect for others. Appealing to the ubuntu one is used to say Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu, "I am what I am by virtue of what we all are".  - From an idea by Armando Milani - 


The project aims to develop a manifesto "for mankind". The design concept is inspired by the relationships that take place in the aerial movements of flocks. Continuous flows in motion that through union and synchronization generate a single vision in the sky. The individual in relation to the others, generates wonder. 


From the concretization of the sign and the abstraction of the concept, a further figurative reference has emerged: the sea. it is in the sea, today, that the greatest act of humanity takes place. The paper artifacts are divided into manifesto and folding.

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