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Visual Science

Team Project /

Cianniello R. - Fabozzo R. - Franzese A. - Puca F. - Vitale M. 

The event, aimed at high school and university students and an audience of young adults, was a popular/informative event. "Through the involvement of experts who traced a sort of Ariadne's thread that has united cues and reflections from the audience, an emotional crescendo has developed, an emotional Storming. Guests and participants interacted to leave a digital trace of what they experienced during the whole event".


Four key themes of the event, the world of the net and the era of collective intelligence, neural networks, neurobiology of emotions and music and emotions. The event was attended by representatives of the CIRN and the academic world.


The entire graphic project is in minimal part paper. Most of the built artifacts concerned the digital and videographic sphere. 

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